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Not only do we offer in stock high-quality products for your operation, but we work with your nutritionist to customize feed blends.


Your dairy operation depends on consistent, high-quality feed to optimize production. We offer products in stock as well as customized blending services to keep your dairy farm thriving into the next generation.

Custom Feed Options

As a custom feed mill, we are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients while keeping costs as low as possible. Maximize your profitability with feeding solutions tailored to your herd.

Floor-Stock Products
  • CBI 14% Grower, Non Medicated
  • CBI 18% Calf Starter, RU
  • CBI 22% Calf Starter, RU
  • CBI 38% Dairy, Non Medicated
  • CBI 38% Heifer Pellets, RU
  • CBI Dairy Mineral 2.5:1
  • CBI Dry Cow Mineral
  • CBI Heifer Mineral 1400, RU
  • Golden Link DFM-Pak
  • Cattle Wormer with Safeguard
  • Lira Gold Products
  • Milk Replacer Excel 28:25 (with Clarifly in-season)
  • Milk Replacer 22:20 (with Clarifly in-season)
  • Clarify for Milk Replacer
  • Secure 175 (Colostrum Replacer)
  • NT 10gr Milk Replacer Additive
  • Primetime Steer Show Feed 12.5%

For more information about Rumensin (RU) click here


Keep your poultry operation thriving with top-quality floor-stock or custom feeds. When you choose to purchase your feed through us, you also receive professional poultry services and tech support with every flock. We have a poultry nutritionist and poultry service technician on staff to provide personalized on-site assistance.

Custom Feed Options

We offer customized feed blending services specific to the needs of your poultry operation, including prestarter, starter, grower, prelayer, and layer feeds.

Floor-Stock Products
  • Chick Starter/Grower
  • 15% Layer
  • Layer Concentrate
  • Oyster Shell


From sow units to finishing barns, we remain dedicated to optimizing your swine production with the use of high-quality feed ingredients. Choose from our floor-stock products or customized blends.

Custom Feed Options

Target the needs of your swine operation with our customized blending services. We are committed to being the low-cost marketer of animal feed in our service area so that you have the best opportunity to maximize your profits.

Floor-Stock Products
  • CBI Baby Pig 15/50
  • CBI 16% Pig Grower
  • CBI 18% Pig Developer
  • CBI Sow 100 Premix

Direct Commodities

Streamline your operations with a truly full-service feed company. Let us save you time and money by delivering additional commodities direct to your farm.

Commodity Blenders brokers many high-quality products.

View all Feed Products
  • Amino Plus 
  • Beet Pulp 
  • Canola Meal
  • Cereal
  • Citrus Pulp 
  • Corn (Cracked, Ground) 
  • Wet Brewers Grain 
  • Cottonseed
  • DDGs (Dried Distillers Grain)
  • Gluten Feed 
  • Oats
  • Pelleted Soy Hulls 
  • Soy Hulls 
  • Soybean Meal 
  • Natural Pro Meal
  • Wet Cake (Wet Distillers Grains) 
  • Western Hay 
  • Wheat Midds

Buying Corn

We are committed to including the highest-quality ingredients in our products. If you have corn to sell, we are always buying.

We buy corn at three locations: 

Main Office
10510 Myers Rd
West Salem, OH 44287
Phone: (419) 846-3155

Indiana Facility
10643 S. Hartford City Rd
Warren, IN 46792
Phone: (260) 375-2222

Michigan Facility
3611 W. Chicago Rd.
Jonesville, MI 49250
Phone: (517) 797-4553


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Please provide the following information and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. To get in contact by phone, please call one of our four locations:
- Ohio: HQ & Manufacturing Facility at (419) 846-3155
- Michigan: Manufacturing Facility at (419) 846-3155
- Indiana: Manufacturing Facility at (260) 375-3202
- Indiana: Transloading & Purchasing at (260) 375-2200.