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Feed Manufacturing Experts

We work with your nutritionist to deliver the highest quality custom-blend feed for dairy, poultry, and swine producers.

Our Locations

For over 25 years, Commodity Blenders has worked with operations throughout the Midwest. Everyday, our facilities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana feed over 300,000 farm animals.

HQ & Manufacturing Facility
10510 Myers Rd
West Salem, OH 44287
Phone: (419) 846-3155

Manufacturing Facility
3611 W. Chicago Rd
Jonesville, MI 49250
Phone: (517) 797-4553

Transloading & Purchasing

525 N Wayne St
Warren, IN 46792
Phone: (260) 375-2200

Your Formula,
Your Way

No matter how big or small your operation is, your farm is unique. With open communication and research-based expertise, we work with you and your nutritionist to ensure you get your feed with your custom formula blend on time and at the right price.

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Maximize your bottom line with the custom, quality feed you need.

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Please provide the following information and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. To get in contact by phone, please call one of our four locations:
- Ohio: HQ & Manufacturing Facility at (419) 846-3155
- Michigan: Manufacturing Facility at (419) 846-3155
- Indiana: Manufacturing Facility at (260) 375-3202
- Indiana: Transloading & Purchasing at (260) 375-2200.



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